I’m not burning

During a moment of weakness people can become like wounded animals and when that happens and   people become fearful, they can trigger their “fight or flight” reflex to go to fight.

Some people in life aren’t nice. But that’s no reason for you to stop being nice. Some people are selfish, hateful, shameless, self serving, arrogant, etc, but it doesn’t mean that there aren’t nice, honest, compassionate, respectful, selfless people out there. I think maybe you just choose bad friends who use you or only want you around when it’s convenient for them or when they need you for something (a shoulder to cry on, money, a ride, etc). Those are moochers that don’t belong in your life, so you should get rid of them. There are genuinely kind people like you around, it just takes time to find them. Don’t be discouraged or feel that everyone out there is horrible or selfish 🙂 Real friends are difficult to find.

get me up

Also, you might be a pushover. You might have a reputation for being TOO nice. Maybe you’re the person everyone knows will always be willing to help even if they never help you when you need it, or are there for you when you need it. Those people love taking advantage of people like you. You need to learn to stand up for yourself if you’re being used or pushed around. You need to learn to grow a backbone and learn the word “no”. It is your RIGHT to say no to people, so don’t feel like you always have to be so selfless because kindness has its limits with people who have no concern for others.

Just get me up!!



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