Almando life overview for today and for next week from mary

Hello Almando,


I hope you are keeping well and I am writing you today to give you a short update on your personal situation and what you should be aware of in the coming days according to your natal chart details. I sincerely think this information can be very useful to you and I am sure it will help you handle the events that are going to happen in your life in the coming days.


With no doubt you have sensed that there are certain sensitive issues around you at the moment which is due to the position of Mars in your natal chart. This creates a lot of new opportunities but at the same time you will notice some challenges, especially on Friday, March 18th 2016. You should think positive and see the opportunities in front of you instead of focusing just on difficulties that you may encounter on your way. What is the most advisable is that you gather your forces and prepare yourself for the changes in your life that are coming your way.


During the following days the atmosphere will become more relaxed, as you will be living under the influence of Mercury. This configuration favours reflection and self-actualization, this is the planet of communication which means your relations with people surrounding you, your colleagues, relatives and friends will also be addressed. Almando, use this time wisely to gain additional points with all of them, you never know when you are going to need those points. You will also become more interested in philosophical and spiritual matters under the influence of this planetary pattern.


You should be looking for Venus going through your natal chart for a brief period from Sunday, March 20th 2016 to Tuesday, March 22nd 2016 while at the same time being in a very sensitive configuration with Neptune. Your feelings and emotions will be the major thing in all the matters around you. You will tend to have a more intuitive approach to the everyday situations, which may cause misunderstandings with those around you. What stands out the most during these days is that you strive to put your own personality in everything you do or everything you tell, however be careful not to overdo it, as this will be another important point around Monday, March 21st 2016 due to the position of Pluto in your astral sky.


The next point I would like to emphasize here is Jupiter going through your 7th house on Wednesday, March 23rd 2016, which will bring you additional insights about how you can develop your life in the future, you become more clear about your projects and plans. This is a good time to explore your personal talents in order to see which of them can make you stronger and more competitive. I am now talking not only about your professional environment, but also in your personal issues, as I know that this has a great importance for you.


The next week is going to bring into your life certain circumstances forcing you to think more, to be more effective and to develop your own different views on things. Almando, this is a good time for socializing and forming new connections. You may notice that your viewpoints on some important aspects of your life and the world around you can change in a way you have not been thinking of. In general, the next week is going to be a certain kind of a preparation for the important and powerful events of the next several months that you are going to experience, which is why you should approach your ideas and situations with calm and patience.


Almando, so here is all the information I have found out about your next one-week period to help you out during this crucial time in your life. I hope you will carefully go through all these details and use these practical advices. for more info:<>

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