What should one not do in life?


Almando hafenaaje(Mr. purpose)

1. Do Not Discuss People.Discuss ideas instead

2. Do Not Be Jealous. Firstly, it is extremely meanly. Secondly, it makes you look miserable. Thirdly, this feeling has never made anybody happier, luckier or more successful.

3. Do Not Compare Yourself With Others. Live your own life and make sure it goes smoothly in the right direction.

4. Do Not Overwork. Hard work has nothing to do with productivity. Work smarter instead of working harder.

5. Do Not Be rude. Rudeness never shows your power but rather makes you look ridiculous and silly. Impress people with your politeness and let them respect you for that.

6. Do Not Be Impulsive. Every time you disagree with something do not make hasty conclusions or decisions. Give it a chance and let it settle down in your mind for a while. Soon you can notice how your opinion regarding that issue has changed.

7. Do Not Doubt Yourself Too Much. Embrace the truth. You are braver than you believe, smarter than you think and stronger than you seem. Go and get it!

8. Do Not Be Afraid To Act. Fear is a reason that paralyzes people and stops them from taking action. Overcome your fears and start acting confidently.

9. Do Not Spend Hours Surfing On Social Networks. Social networks are a great source of communication, interesting stories and funny pictures. But make sure you are not killing time from dawn till dusk there.

10. Do Not Lose Details. While being focused on big picture, do not forget about tiny details. They do really matter.

11. Do Not Lose Eye Contact. Develop a habit to look another person in his eyes while having a dialogue. It will let your partner be sure that you are listening carefully and you are totally involved.

12. Do Not Sacrifice Your Sleep. Go to bed on time and have a good night`s rest. Good sleep is crucial for your creativity and long-term productivity.

13. Do Not Lose Ideas. Always have a notepad with you. Every time you have an idea that pops up in your mind, take a minute to write it down or sketch it. Do not suppose that you will recall it later. They usually vanish.

14. Do Not Hang Out With Pessimistic People. There are already a lot of bad and ugly things in this beautiful world that every once in a while make you upset.

15. Do Not Lose Time Purposelessly. Spend every free minute you have with benefit. Read a book. Listen to podcast. Think. Dream. Act.

16. Do Not Forget To Exercise Regularly. Good, exhausting, intense workouts. This is what lets you stay in a good shape, abstract from the daily routine and devote time to yourself.

17. Do Not Postpone Anything. Especially the things that matter. The sooner you start moving toward your dreams the sooner you will enjoy the results of this journey.

18. Do Not Stop Studying. Knowledge is crucial. If you do not want to be left behind, you need to constantly improve your knowledge and acquire new skills.

19. Do Not Stop Smiling. Do it sincerely. Let your smile change the world.

20. Do Not Be Too Realistic. Leave some place for miracles. Believe in impossible and give weird ideas a chance.

21. Do Not Take People For Granted. Every single person in your life is worth appreciating. 22. Do Not Leave Any Reasons For Regret. Take action now in order not to regret about missed opportunities in the future.

23. Do Not Avoid Changes. Changes usually involve new opportunities, growth and development. Welcome them and let changes make your life more interesting and diverse.

24. Do Not Give Up Chasing Your Dreams. Commit to your dreams and make them come true.

with  me 2

  • Don’t consumed by your negative thoughts. We give meaning to everything that happens around us, if you’re feeling helpless, you’re probably telling yourself a wrong story. Stop it! Define yourself, and ACT, to rewrite your story.
  • Don’t live in the romantic version of yourself. Most people are trying to become someone else. There’s nothing wrong to have a role model to look up to, but always opt for practicality. Never force yourself to be someone you’re not.
  • Don’t compare. If you get to my Quora profile, and browse through my answers. You will see that I had repeated this multiple times. Because it’s freaking important! Comparison is just unfair, we’re evaluating our worst based on others’ best without seeing the full picture.
  • Don’t burn bridge. I know I know, we always have that bad boss or stupid “friend” whose you wish you would punch them on their perfect teeth (steal line from Tony Stark). But don’t do that, never make enemies. You don’t need to hurt anyone physically, mentally or verbally. If you believe you’re better (which most of us do), leave them alone and move on.
  • Don’t ask before you give. Don’t be a jerk to keep asking for something before you provide value at the first place. If you focus on giving at first, you don’t even need to ask. Human psychology tuned us to reciprocate. People will find ways to pay you back when you need it the most.
  • Don’t ruin your body. Never do so m, please. Money, success, fame and everything else will not be relevant if you don’t have your physical body. So, take good care of it.
  • Don’t waste time. Same as our body, you can never gain back your time once it’s wasted. Start learning how to manage your time!
  • Don’t live in the past or the future. Never let your past hold you back, the are gone, you can’t change anything in the past. And don’t worry about the future, or living in the future with the mindset of “I’ll be happy when I get that”, you won’t. Instead, focus on making every present moment counts.
  • Don’t be the only one speaking. You learn nothing if you’re the only one who speak. Spend time to listen, gain insights and knowledge from others. That’s how we learn.
  • Don’t blame anything for your results. Take the responsibility for your life. Never point your finger at someone or something else and telling you failed because of this, that, him or her! Cowards do that and that ain’t you! You’re better than that! (Steal line from Rocky Balboa)

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  • Don’t ignore your emotions. We make every decision based on our emotions, even how much you want to believe you make decisions based on your rational thoughts. The truth is, you don’t. Spend time to understand them, define their meanings. Use your vocabulary wisely to alter the intensity of your emotions (reduce negative ones and amplify positive ones) and learn to mange them.
  • Don’t judge people. We have too little information to understand someone else’s situation. This makes no sense to judge others based on what we see or hear. Besides, it’s close to impossible to understand one’s perspective to make a sound judgement. Even you do, don’t, mind your own business instead.
  • Don’t live in a hurry. You only live once. Enjoy it. Period.
  • Don’t check-in at every damn place; no one cares.
  • Don’t believe everything you read on social media.
  • Don’t pretend to know everything.
  • Don’t tweeze your nose in public.
  • Don’t spread your legs when you travel in public transport.
  • Don’t update your daily routine on Facebook; it’s very annoying, and no one cares. (Few girls have exceptions though)
  • Don’t scratch your ass in public.

** OK! So let’s get serious. **

  • Don’t be afraid to take risks; Every ambitious move is a gamble.
  • Don’t judge anyone; who the hell are you?
  • Don’t be petrified to accept your flaws; once you accept them, no one can use them against you.
  • Don’t take a decision which you will regret.
  • Don’t have regrets on a decision you have made.
  • Don’t come to a conclusion until you have evinced facts.
  • Don’t criticise the people you love; especially in public.
  • Don’t try to satisfy everyone around you. It’s a human curse; you can NEVER do that.
  • Don’t get addicted to someone or something.
  • Don’t ignore your family amidst friends and work.
  • Don’t try to do too many things at the same time.
  • Don’t restrict yourself in your comfort zone; expand it.
  • Don’t do something which doesn’t make you happy.
  • Don’t have high expectations for something or someone; it’s a sin.
  • Don’t stay away from great conversations; the real history of the world is the history of great conversations in elegant rooms.

with me

  • Don’t forget what you were and what you are.
  • Don’t run away from difficult things; if it were easy, everyone would do it.
  • Don’t try to fu*k your way out of everything; you can’t always do that.
  • Don’t stick on to your past. Forget it ASAP.
  • Don’t give up on love and ignore people who love you just because of your past.
  • Don’t blame others; blame yourself.
  • Don’t complain about everything around you. Fix it if you can or live with it.
  • Don’t waste your earnings on useless investments; Invest in yourself, grow yourself, expand your knowledge.
  • Don’t be afraid to say NO and means NEXT OPPORTUNITY

this article was written by different inspirer and was well edited by mr. Almando hafenaaje regarding everybody

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Don’t even think about it

Arguing with an idiot can be time-consuming and mentally draining. Arguing with an idiot is a lot like a saying my dad used to tell me, “Never wrestle with a pig, you’ll both get dirty and the pig will enjoy it.” In other words, don’t argue with an idiot, you both look stupid and the idiot enjoys it!2016-05-13 16.53.49

So, consider the overall need for such a discussion. If the outcome you are seeking is not extremely valuable, break off the discussion sooner versus later. You’ll save your brain cells, your mental sanity, and the strength to fight another day… and everything will be right with the world.What should one not do in life?


If ever there is tomorrow when we’re not together… there is something you must always remember. You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.

But the most important thing is, even if we’re apart… I’ll always be with you.

How and why to say thank you?

Why are expressions of gratitude important?
Good manners are a code of conduct or rules, based on common sense, courtesy and usage. Gratitude is one of these rules.
Since we were children, we have known that some situations require an expression of gratitude.
There have always been ungrateful people but this doesn’t mean that we are all ungrateful.

It is important to say thank you because:
We recognize that someone had a choice – they didn’t have to do something in a certain way.


Saying thank you acknowledges our dependence on others. No man is an island.
We should appreciate the act of a good deed and the time it took to perform that deed.
It is important to recognize the time it took, especially because we are a time deprived society.
We acknowledge our relationship with the person we say “Thank You” to. It’s a simple sign of respect.
If we do not express gratitude, our relationship might change because we show we don’t care about the other person.
People give do a certain deed because they are looking for recognition, respect and affection.
If we are not thanked, we worry our deed was meaningless. By demeaning the deed, we demean the person.
By undermining the code of conduct, we belittle the worth of others. What we are saying is: I don’t have to thank you because you mean nothing to me.
It is contagious. If you do something nice for someone, they will do something nice for someone else.
If we start chipping away at gratitude and common courtesy, life becomes very unpleasant.


Source: https://www.quora.com/Why-is-saying-thank-you-so-important-for-anyone

Some tips to IUM< NUST<UNAM graduates, students who are yet to enter “real world”

for<<<< IUM> NUST>UNAM graduates>>>>

1. Lead a loan free life. Need a car? Wait, don’t jump into that dream yet . Save and then buy the car. Avoid banks as much as possible. No credit cards, I don’t need cashback and other things. Want to study abroad? No! Don’t take huge educational loans. If at all you take loans, have something to fall back on. Money is fire, you gotta be careful. Save. Every month Pay Yourself First.

2. Make mistakes. Fail, fail fast and make it public. Don’t drag it on. I wouldn’t have succeeded in this wild venture if I listened to people telling me I write shitty articles. In fact, all I wrote for the first year was pure garbage. But here is the thing. I didn’t stop. I kept pressing on because I had no time.

3. Do not be ashamed of your situation. I could have written it Anonymously, so that my Facebook friends never know how miser my life was. But No. I am not ashamed of the truth. Accept life as it is.

4. Do not compare your life with anyone.

I see a new trend, especially in Namibia. People comparing their life with IUM, UNAM and NUST graduates. As if, IUM or UNAM don’t have any struggle in life. As if NUST graduates are the happiest people. Trust me, its a myth. They too have challenges, they too have problems in their life. believe in yourself, be confident and thing that nothing is impossible, life is a journey.


5. Be very careful when success comes to you easily. It’s treacherous path to tread down. You must see failure before success, otherwise you will not know the value. Lets say you sit in a campus interviewee and clear it in one shot, take up the job and keep doing it for years, chances are high that you will regret – “Why I did not explore? What for?” Also, do not expect to get lucky every time. You will be in trouble somewhere down the road, then what are you going to do?

6. Do something on your own. However small or big, doesn’t matter. Do something completely from scratch and learn how to sell that thing. This will teach you life lessons you will use for the rest of your life. Namibian! where there is a will there is way.

This will also give you huge confidence. I don’t have any fear in my mind. Fear of what? The worst that can happen is that I will lose my day job. So what? I have worked on my own for 3-4 years without any help and have overcomed a huge financial crisis on my own, without a job. So if I am in trouble again, I know how to make my way.

7. Do not make one disappointment the center of your life.

When some incident shatters all the plans, hopes and aspirations, people start considering that pain and hurt to be the center of their lives and continue to live their lives around it.When people start considering one obstacle, challenge or misery to be the center of their life, and stops the very momentum of life, they cannot become successful in life. Nor can they achieve happiness and contentment.

8. Help people as much as possible. My friends E. Muhongo, D. Benjamin, S.Tobias, J. Lydia, I. Willem, S. junias and I. Elifas were with me during that tough phase. We have had many fights. But they were still there for me, assisting everybody where possible even though things were not always the way you expected. Be kind for everyone, everybody out there is fighting a hard battle. in case you don’t know me, This is me!!! aha-ha!


9. Do not be obsessed withperfection”. You don’t need a perfect solution. You need a solution which is “good enough”. Big things will happen from many small things. So lets say if you have 10 small things in your pocket, one of them will be big. You don’t know which one is your trump card.

Thank you for reading my article!!

How you can think yourself mentally healthier

Most doctors agree that the mind has a profound effect upon a person’s sense of well being.

Research has shown that optimists have a powerful, positive effect upon their health, and everyone knows you can think yourself into being ill.

Children are great at it if they have an exam the next day at school. For some children, it’s an effective way of getting attention. But, unfortunately, some of these dysfunctional patterns can continue into adulthood.

Others get affected by what I call cultural hypnosis. They have only to hear a few people saying ‘there’s a cold going round’ – and they get one.

Obviously, I’m not saying that all ill health is in the mind. But in days you can become more healthy, simply by changing the way your mind works.


  • The immune system
    We live in an age when amazing medical advancements are constantly taking place. Drugs and surgery have become commonplace.Many people expect instant cures from the doctors for their ills, and hand over responsibility for their health to the medical profession, preferring a prescription to instigating a change in their lifestyle or diet.But remember, we have our own protection against illness – our immune systems, which work to fight infection and diseases.

    It’s easy to think of the immune system as a purely physical thing; but more and more research is showing this is not the case.

    A few years ago, some interesting research was conducted in the U.S. to try to discover why some people survive cancer. The 100 people interviewed had all been diagnosed as terminally ill: 12 years later, however, they were still alive. The intention of the study was to discover what they had done in common.

    They had all used different treatments – some conventional, such as surgery or chemotherapy, and some alternative, such as acupuncture and special diets. Some had used psychological techniques, or religious practices.

    But what they had in common was an unfaltering belief that what they were doing would work for them. I began wading through more clinical research, and found similar experiments also seemed to suggest that it is possible to boost your immune system just by thinking about it.

    A neuropsychologist called Nicholas Hall, at George Washington University Medical Centre, found that his subjects could use imagery to increase the number of circulating white blood cells, as well as levels of thymosinalpha-1, a hormone used to ward off illness.

    So, too, Dr Frank Lawlis and his team at the University of Texas found imagery boosted the numbers of neutrofils (special disease-fighting cells) in the bloodstream.

    Doctors Ikemi and Nakagawa at Yokohama City University in Japan showed that 84 per cent of subjects could eliminate the standard histamine response to poison ivy. The itching, swelling and blisters disappeared when the subjects under hypnosis simply imagined the poison ivy to be a harmless plant.

    Even more interesting, a large number of subjects broke out in blisters when they reversed the experiment and imagined the harmless plant to be poison ivy.

    Another amazing experiment by Dr David Spiel at Stanford was conducted on a group of women with breast cancer.

    Half the group received the latest medical help. The other group received the same medical treatment but also learned self-hypnosis and did very simple guided imagery. They imagined themselves relaxed and floating.

    After a year, the second group reported much less pain and more optimism. That didn’t really surprise the researchers: but what did was that ten years later, the second group had lived an average of twice as long as the first.

    Now, nobody is saying that hypnosis is a cure for cancer, but regular self-hypnosis or guided imagery will improve the quality of your life and the length of it.


  • How to boost your immunity
    My inspiration for the following exercise came from an experiment carried out by Professor Karen Olness at The Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital of University Hospitals ofCleveland. The experiment involved a group of children being shown a video featuring puppets.The video was a simplified illustration of the internal workings of the body, and each puppet represented something different. One puppet was a virus; another that looked like a policeman represented the immune system.

    When the video finished, the children were told to close their eyes, relax and imagine lots of policemen puppets looking after their blood.

    Saliva samples were taken from each child, and the results showed that their immunoglobulin levels had substantially increased. Their immune systems had begun working as though they were fighting off real infections.

    You can use a similar method to boost your own immunity. This technique is not a substitute for medical treatment, although it may be used in conjunction with treatments prescribed by your physician.

    1. Close your eyes and imagine your immune system in a way that appeals to you. I have found it best to think of it as lots of little pale-coloured jellyfish type creatures – which is similar to how the protective cells actually look. Make sure there are plenty of them, and see them as strong and purposeful.

    2. Next, imagine traveling inside your body to the area that needs healing, and notice how you imagine the problem manifesting. You might see the infection or diseased cells as lots of tiny black globules.

    3. Now, the jellyfish are going to destroy the black globules. It’s best not to imagine the immune system fighting; rather see the pale-coloured jellyfish surrounding and devouring the tiny black globules.

    4. When all the tiny globules are gone, it’s important to then imagine the jellyfish happily swimming off and patrolling your bloodstream. This ensures you do not over-stimulate your immune system.

    5. Imagine now a healthier you sitting in front of you. See how the person looks, smiles, and so on.

    6.Now step into the healthier you and feel how much better you feel.


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I’m not burning

During a moment of weakness people can become like wounded animals and when that happens and   people become fearful, they can trigger their “fight or flight” reflex to go to fight.

Some people in life aren’t nice. But that’s no reason for you to stop being nice. Some people are selfish, hateful, shameless, self serving, arrogant, etc, but it doesn’t mean that there aren’t nice, honest, compassionate, respectful, selfless people out there. I think maybe you just choose bad friends who use you or only want you around when it’s convenient for them or when they need you for something (a shoulder to cry on, money, a ride, etc). Those are moochers that don’t belong in your life, so you should get rid of them. There are genuinely kind people like you around, it just takes time to find them. Don’t be discouraged or feel that everyone out there is horrible or selfish 🙂 Real friends are difficult to find.

get me up

Also, you might be a pushover. You might have a reputation for being TOO nice. Maybe you’re the person everyone knows will always be willing to help even if they never help you when you need it, or are there for you when you need it. Those people love taking advantage of people like you. You need to learn to stand up for yourself if you’re being used or pushed around. You need to learn to grow a backbone and learn the word “no”. It is your RIGHT to say no to people, so don’t feel like you always have to be so selfless because kindness has its limits with people who have no concern for others.

Just get me up!!


Take the rightful decision

Put A Frog In A Vessel Of Water And Start Heating The Water. As The Temperature Of Water Rises, Frog Keeps On Adjusting With Increase In Temperature. Just When The Water Is About To Reach Boiling Point, The Frog Is Not Able To Adjust Anymore. At That Point The Frog Decides To Jump Out But Is Unable To Do So, Because it Has Lost All Its Strength In Adjusting With The Rising Water Temperature. Very Soon The Frog Dies. What Killed The Frog? Many Of Us Would Say The Boiling Water. No, It’s Frog’s Own Inability “To Decide When It Had To Jump Out.” We All Need To Adjust With People And Situations, But We Need To Be Sure When We Need To Take The Rightful Decision. Think !!


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